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(1) Quality commitment

1. In strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations, provide high-quality products that meet the requirements of standards.

2. The company shall strictly perform the contract, and the company shall be responsible for the quality problems within the product warranty period.

(2) Service commitment

1. For any questions related to products and services, please consult the customer service hotline (+ 86-757-2388 6860). The company will have a person to answer questions online, and provide on-site services in 24 hours or within the time agreed by both parties according to the actual needs.

2. Product service: for products with quality problems, the company shall be responsible for free repair or replacement within the warranty period; for products with warranty period expiring to two years, the company shall repair and charge the cost of production.

3. For products with quality problems, the company shall be responsible for repair or replacement within the warranty period.



1. This commitment is applicable to the people's Republic of China.

2. Reminders that are not within the scope of free service:

① Unable to show Three Guarantees certificate;

② The model of the three guarantee certificate (including invoice) does not conform to the model of the maintenance product or is altered;

③ Loss caused by improper use, maintenance and safekeeping of consumers;

④ Without the permission of our company, repair by ourselves or remove by non warranty repairer;

⑤ Beyond the three guarantee period, it can still be used after repair;

⑥ Damage caused by force majeure;

⑦ Damage caused by dismantling by non vichen electrical service provider;

In line with the above conditions, if the user agrees to pay the fee, the outlet can provide the paid service for the user, and the fee shall be charged according to the charging guide price standard stipulated by vichen electric appliance.