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Do heaters radiate to pregnant women? Do heaters radiate a lot?

Does the heater radiate

Does the heater radiate? Any kind of electric appliance has radiation, but it is different in size. So as for which heaters have large radiation and which heaters have small radiation, which are relatively safe, let's look at some specific experimental data.

In winter, some families like to use small electric heating, heater and other heating appliances, but their radiation is not small. First, look at the infrared electric heating. The test result at a distance of 1mm is: the upper radiation is 1.8 μ T, the side radiation is 5.4 μ T, and the radiation intensity is very large. We have done the test at a distance of 1m, and the radiation is reduced to 0.14 μ t. The test result of the heater is 9.3 μ T, 0.34 μ t on the front and 0.25 μ t on the back. However, the most reassuring thing is the heating principle and structure of the heating system, which is 0.19 μ t at the top center, 0.18 μ t at the side center, and 0.18 μ t at the half meter.

There are two levels of electromagnetic radiation, the unit of power frequency section is μ T, if the radiation is more than 0.4 μ T, it belongs to strong radiation, which has certain harm to human body, and is prone to leukemia in long-term contact. If the radiation is below 0.4 μ T, it is relatively safe. The unit of RF electromagnetic wave is μ w / cm2.

Therefore, the heater is radiation, pregnant women had better use less.

Does the heater affect pregnant women

Does the heater affect pregnant women? If pregnant women use the heater for a short time and keep a certain distance, it will not affect.

Relevant experts said that in fact, the radiation produced by electronic products can be divided into two types. Generally, the radiation harmful to human body is ionizing radiation, such as X-ray, etc., which is relatively large for human body, especially for fetus. However, the radiator sends electromagnetic radiation.

The winter in the north is relatively cold, especially in the rural families. Because of the lack of heating, many families will choose to use heaters for heating. However, as we all know, many household appliances have certain radiation, and electric heaters are no exception. Therefore, many pregnant women dare not use heaters for heating, afraid of the abdominal What is the effect of the fetus.

In fact, the radiation produced by electronic products can be divided into two types. Generally, the radiation harmful to human body is ionizing radiation, such as X-ray, etc., which is relatively large for human body, especially for fetus. However, the radiator sends electromagnetic radiation.

Therefore, the heater has little effect on pregnant women, but it should be used carefully.

Can pregnant women use a heater

Can pregnant women use a heater? In general, no matter which type of heater is selected, it is recommended not to use it for a long time, and it is better to keep a certain distance, so as to have a little influence on the fetus and the mother; secondly, it is easy for people to dry and catch fire after using it for a long time. It is advisable for pregnant women to use less.

If pregnant women really need to use heaters, they should pay attention to differentiation. There are many kinds of heaters. Pregnant women should first distinguish ionizing radiation from non ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation, such as X-ray, is definitely harmful to human body and embryo; there are also non ionizing radiation, including ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, radio, video display terminal, daily electricity, etc. Pregnant women should also distinguish which kind of radiation is strong, which kind of radiation is weak, and in addition to electromagnetic radiation, we should also see whether there is infrared, whether there is damage to the fetus, whether there is ionization, and so on.

The editor teaches you some tips for choosing a heater:

1. Health and environmental protection

Environmental protection is also an issue that consumers should consider when choosing heaters. Consumers should choose products with good environmental protection when choosing heaters, only in this way can consumers fully enjoy the good indoor environment.

2. Whether the functions are complete

Whether the function is complete or not is a matter needing attention. In this respect, many heater brands have done well. Take wall mounted heater as an example. The heater can be used in the bathroom as well as desktop and wall mounted. In addition, the heater also has electronic remote control function, so even the elderly who are inconvenient to move can operate freely from a distance.

3. How about brand reputation

Many consumers tend to pay more attention to the price and performance of heaters while ignoring the brand of heaters. Experts in the industry suggest that consumers should choose models with higher brand awareness and higher sales volume when purchasing heaters.

Type of heater

In the face of various types of heaters, what aspects should consumers choose to choose a heater suitable for their families? At present, there are four types of popular heaters in the market, including oil-based heater, halogen / quartz heater, warm air heater, counter balance heater. Next, we will make a comprehensive analysis of these four types of heaters, so that consumers can have a deeper understanding of them.

1、 Oiling heater (ensure good indoor temperature rate)

Many consumers will see heaters like radiators in shopping malls. This kind of heater is the electric oil heater. The electric oil heater is filled with a new type of heat transfer oil. When the power is turned on, the heat transfer oil around the electric heat pipe is heated, and then the heat is distributed along the heat pipe or radiator. The heat conducting oil of the heater does not need to be replaced and has a long service life. It is suitable for use in the living room and bedroom. It is this kind of heater that has so many advantages that consumers love it.

2、 Halogen / quartz heater (small space, high temperature)

Consumers often see some heaters that generate heat energy by the same way as the sun when choosing heaters in shopping malls. This kind of heater is commonly known as "small warm sun" or "small sun". The professional term is halogen / quartz heater. It is a kind of heater that generates heat energy by heating halogen tube or quartz tube. Consumers should choose brands with large sales volume when choosing halogen heaters.

3、 Warm air heater (warm air blowing gently)

Consumers may see a kind of heater that can blow out the warm air in the shopping mall, which belongs to the warm air heater. Warm air heater forms warm air by forced convection to warm indoor air. Its advantages are no light, no open fire, no fear of water spray and water vapor corrosion. The hot start speed of this kind of heater is fast, and the air temperature can reach more than 100 ℃ within 3 minutes. But its disadvantage is also obvious, using this kind of heater will make the indoor extremely dry. Therefore, consumers should choose the heater with humidification function when choosing the heater.

4、 Counter balance heater (new realm of health and safety)

The counter balance heater is an innovative product independently developed by Midea Group. Its heating principle is "natural convection heating". It heats the surrounding air through heating elements such as black crystal and silicon crystal, so as to generate natural convection in the air, radiate infrared light and realize heating. The original natural clay material of Midea's counter balance series heater is rich in various trace elements, which will not cause pollution, and also increases health protection on the basis of safety.