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What's a good electric heater?

1. Warm air heater, namely forced ventilation type heater, this kind of product uses the fan in the heater to draw in the cold air from the air inlet, and then through the electric heating element to heat up and then send out the hot air from the exhaust port, so as to achieve the heating purpose. It is characterized by automatic power regulation, temperature self limitation, fast heating speed, even and comfortable room temperature, etc.; its disadvantages are relatively high energy consumption, noise generated by fan rotation, dust pollution generated by rapid air flow, and air quality decreased after a period of use.

2. Heat type heater, also known as electric heating oil Ding, is filled with heat-conducting oil in the cavity of the heater, and has a large area of heat sink on the surface. When the power is connected, the heat-conducting oil around the built-in electric heating element is heated, and then the heat is distributed to the space through the heat sink to achieve the heating purpose. In addition, it also has infrared radiation and convection, so it can be said to be a composite heater, which is characterized by no need to change the heat transfer oil, long service life, safety, health and dust-free advantages; the disadvantages are relatively high energy consumption, large thermal inertia, slow temperature rise.

3. Convective heaters have high safety performance and quiet operation. The disadvantages are slow temperature rise, poor indoor temperature uniformity, and flowing air will produce a certain degree of dust pollution.

4. Electric heating membrane heater, including high temperature electric heating membrane heater and low temperature electric heating membrane heater, belongs to radiation type heater. This kind of product uses the electric heating film as the heating material, which has developed rapidly in recent years. It has the characteristics of good water tightness, softness, non bending, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. After being electrified, the electric heating film transforms the electric energy into the heat energy, which mainly transmits the heat by the way of radiation. In addition, the electric heating element of the electric heating film can also be combined with the decorative painting to make a wall mounted or desktop electric painting The utility model relates to a beautiful and practical multi-functional handicraft. But the market is not mature and there are not many products.

5. The compound type heater uses any two or more combinations of radiation, convection and forced ventilation to transfer heat and achieve the purpose of heating the room.

6. Quartz tube: advantages: using quartz tube as heating body, economical, no noise, small volume of machine, no space occupation. Suggestion: the heat conversion rate is not high, the service life is not too long, the machine is bright when running, the local temperature rise is OK, and the overall temperature rise is not good enough. Use it carefully in the bathroom. Keep away from the water.

7. European wall hanging furnace: advantages: relatively new technology, using black tube heater. The overall room temperature rise is very fast, the thermal efficiency conversion rate is quite high, and there is no open fire, no noise, no oxygen consumption, no odor during operation, and the appearance of the machine is safe and not hot. It can be used for both living and bathing. It has a long service life and stable quality. It is suitable for large room. Suggestion: the price is on the high side. Find out what kind of material the heating body is before purchase. The prices of heating bodies vary greatly.

Which heating method is good for the old man?

Now let's talk about a few other ways of heating.

1. Although quartz tube heating only takes a very short time, and there will not be too strong light source, but the life is relatively short. If the elderly need to use it for a long time, this heating method is not ideal, and it will be replaced with new products in the near future, which will not be too wasteful of money.